Child Care Deserts Grant RFA#2 Info Session


If you're an existing program and are thinking about applying for the Child Care Deserts Grant RFA#2, please join us on Wednesday, August 10th from 1-2pm. We will answer questions about the Child Care Deserts application process, timeline, and review some of the resources on the OCFS Child Care Deserts website. Get Zoom link HERE.

Friday, August 05, 2022

August is National Wellness Month!

Wellness Pic

All during August, National Wellness Month focuses on self-care, managing stress and promoting healthy routines. Create wholesome habits in your lifestyle all month long and see how much better you feel!

Research has shown self-care helps manage stress and promotes happiness. Whether you challenge yourself to a new yoga pose or try a different spa treament, make a small change and impact your health in positive ways.

There are numerous ways to make those small changes, too.

  • Increase your water intake
  • Add more fruits and veggies to your meals
  • Monitor your sleep and make adjustments for better sleep habits
  • Join a yoga, walking, or aerobics class
  • Learn to meditate

These small steps can lead to many more healthy habits in your lifestyle.

Proclaim "I choose wellness" with a photo and post on social media.

Every August, let's amplify the message of healthy living, celebrate those providing amazing self-care solutions, and inspire others to create new healthy habits.

Visit for a calendar of daily challenges for small ways you can choose to be well each day because we believe that small, daily acts of self-care lead to a lifetime of wellness.

For more ways to add wellness to your daily life, follow National Wellness Month: #wellnessmonth #welllife #Ichoosewellness


Thank you to all of you who educate and care for our children! We are so excited to come back together in-person to honor some of the world's greatest educators. The last couple of years have been challenging, especially for the early education field, and you deserve to be celebrated. Register HERE.

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Friday, July 08, 2022

We need your voice today!

Majority Leader Chuck Schumer Child Care Call-In Day Friday, July 8th

If new child care $ doesn't make it into the federal Reconciliation Bill, all the recent progress on child care ends.

Making more families eligible for subsidy, Stabilization Grants, Child Care Desert funding - these were all supported by Federal dollars.

You may remember the original Build Back Better bill called for $400 billion for child care. When that bill failed to move, a new bill called for $200 billion for child care. Now we could end up with $0 new funding.

Ask Majority Leader Schumer, who has fought for child care and children over the years, to get at least $200 billion for child care in the Reconciliation Bill.

You, your team and the parents you serve must call both offices:

DC Office: 202-224-6542

Westchester Office: 914-734-1532

Want to learn more?

Last Friday, members of the Council's Board of Directors were joined by the leaders of the Westchester Children's Association and United Way of Westchester and Putnam to discuss the importance of child care and urge elected officials to restore this funding. Click below to watch:


To see what the federal funding we need could do for NYS, pdfClick Here!

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