Paying for Child Care

Child care in Westchester is expensive, and we know that many families have trouble making ends meet. Fortunately, there are resources available to help you pay for child care.

First and foremost, we want to make sure you know what to expect, and that the child care options you're considering are priced reasonably.

Click here to download a document that outlines the cost of child care:

pdfAverage cost of child care in Westchester County

pdfCost of child care in Westchester's largest towns and cities

Next, when it comes time to choose a child care provider, be certain you understand what the fees are, and exactly what those fees include or cover, including hours of care, snacks or meals, supplies, transportation, meals, late pickups, and field trips. Providers may impose penalties for late payments, and some charge whether or not a child is present. Ask how often fees will be raised, and by how much.

Several financial resources and benefits are available to help families understand and manage the high cost of child care:

Public Child Care Subsidies: Many low income working families in Westchester are eligible for assistance to pay for child care. Review the charts below to see if you meet the income requirements for the Low Income Child Care Subsidy or the Title XX Child Care Subsidy. However, at this time Title XX Child Care Subsidy is not available due to the lack of funding. This information is applicable from June 1, 2018 - May 31, 2019.

Family SizeLow Income Subsidy

Title XX Subsidy

2 <$32,920 $32,921 - $45,265
3 <$44,560 $44,561 - $52,989
4 <$50,200 $50,201 - $56,475
5 <$58,840 $58,841 - $66,195
6 <$67,480 $67,481 - $75,915
7 <$76,120 $76,120 - $85,635
8 <$84,760 $84,761 - $95,355

The Child Care Council can help you determine which subsidy you may qualify for and assist you with your application. Call (914) 761-3456 ext. 140.

Information is also available from the external link icon Westchester County Department of Social Services. Call (914) 995-6521 or go to the external link icon website.

Child Care Scholarships:  The Child Care Council of Westchester offers a limited number of scholarships. At this time, the 2018-2019 scholarship program is closed. The scholarships typically cover the months from July to June. The next scholarship is expected to be open again in March or April 2019. If you would like to be placed on a mailing list please click here to Submit a Request.

Tax Benefits: There are several tax benefits and programs that can put more money in your hands to pay for child care.

pdfPaying For Care Tax Facts

Dependent Care Assistance Program: DCAP is a flexible spending account that your employer may offer to help you pay for your child or dependent care expenses. You can set aside up to $5,000 of your annual income to help cover the cost of child care, elder care, or care for a disabled spouse or dependent.

pdfGuide to Dependent Care Assistance Program

New York State Public Benefits: Taking advantage of public benefit programs can improve families' overall economic situation and free up resources that can be used for child care. Visit the link below and use the pre-screening tool to see what health and human services programs you may be eligible for.

external link icon The New York State myBenefits site

  • The families with infants and toddlers (under the age of 3 years old) will receive priority for the scholarship.
  • If funds are available, families with preschool age children (3- 4 years old who are not yet in elementary school) will be considered next.
  • If there are still funds available, families with school age children (5 – 12 years old) will be considered.

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