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Tuesday, April 02, 2024

We're Celebrating Week of the Young Child All Month Long!

***Activities provided suggest items that may have high allergens. Be sure to check allergies in your program and use substitutions.***

Potential Food Allergens in Activities



We are kicking off our month long celebration with these cool activities. Join us this week in the below activities and few the full list of activities here!

Monday – Freeze Dance

Having a dance party is a great activity for children to get back into the routine of the week. Movement not only promotes physical activity, but it is a great tool to help increase a child’s ability to focus on the next learning activity. All you need is some music and dance moves. Children dance and when the music stops, they freeze until it starts again. There are many variations to this activity and it can be tailored to fit all ages. Find some inspiration here.

Tuesday – Fruit & Veggie Smoothie

Smoothies can be packed with lots of vitamins and nutrients. The best part about making smoothies is that you can put whatever ingredients you like in them. This can be a simple, nutritious breakfast or afternoon snack that the children can help make. Find sample recipes here. Feel free to tailor to your programs needs and be mindful of any allergies in your program.

Wednesday – Write a Story

Have you ever wanted to change the end to your favorite fairytale or create your own version? Well, now is your chance. Gather your children and tell your collective story. Allow children to take turns adding to the story by telling/writing a sentence or two. If your group is not at the writing age, you can have them tell you what happens next and you can write it for them. If you want to get really creative, have the children illustrate the story as well.

Thursday – Fork Stamped Tulips

This is a fun springtime craft for toddlers and preschoolers. With just a few materials, your classroom will be blooming in no time. All you need is paper, pant, forks, and imagination. Once children are done with their tulips, you can use them to cover your bulletin board or hang on the windows. Click here for some guidance.

Friday – Volunteer at a Pantry

Volunteering has a lot of benefits. Some may learn new skills such as life skills, social skills, empathy, self-awareness, develop a sense of purpose, learning to give, and much more. Find a local pantry in your area and share with parents so they may volunteer with their child(ren).



Last year, we held a Night at the Museum event for child care providers at the Westchester Children's Museum. This was a night for providers to spend time with their families in a fun and educational setting. About 70 families attended, with some adults having said that they were enjoying the museum just as much, if not more than their children. We had a terrific time too, just watching the excitement and pleasure on the faces of children and parents alike. We are bringing this event back again! You spend your lives and careers caring for other people’s children, so we are thrilled to invite you to this fun, free event just for you and YOUR family! Join us for an evening at the “Westchester Children’s Museum” to explore playful, creative, hands-on, steam-based leaning for children of all ages. Max 4 tickets per family. Thank you again for your continued support!




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